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10 Mar 2014
She by sheree Tiffany Rings Buy a cheap shame Sheree whitfield of"The real housewives of atlanta"Presented her she by sheree line on sunday during mercedes-Benz new york fashion week.Photo by karyn d.Collins. The celebrity clothes line monster has reared tiffany sale: its ugly head again. Celebrities from the olsen twins to ivanka trump to gwen stefani to j lo and ll cool j have attached their names to clothing and jewelry lines, all with the same premise:I dress well, i know how to select great stuff for myself so why not have my own line. In some cases, as with the above mentioned celebrities, the resulting lines are pretty good.They're not christian dior or tiffany, of course, but they do a good job of presenting looks that people want to buy within a relatively solid business framework.Behind the scenes, the celebrities often, quite wisely, hire professionals to help design the lines, giving the enterprise a necessary professional backbone. Those lines, which have proven to be successful and not flashes in the pan, are the exceptions. She by sheree, designed by sheree whitfield of"The real housewives of atlanta"Was presented on sunday during mercedes-Benz fashion week in new york.Photo by karyn d.Collins. Most celebrity lines are like the newest one to enter the fray-She by sheree, the new clothing line by sheree whitfield of bravo's"The real housewives of atlanta. "The line, shown sunday here at new york fashion week, was an unfortunate combination of poor designs, shoddy execution and sloppy presentation by the production team handling sunday's event. While whitfield has a talent for self-Promotion(She handed out t-Shirts bearing a line she uttered during a screaming fight with a party planner), her talents as a designer are limited.In general, whitfield, like many newer designers she has a tendency to overdesign, adding more elements when the"Less is more"Adage was in order. An example was her azure crepe back satin gown.The basic design looked like it could have been a winner.Unfortunately, whitfield attached chains to the bodice then added leather insets on the cap sleeves.The result looked cheap. The she by sheree collection by sheree whitfield of"The real housewives of atlanta", debuted Sunday during Mercedes-Benz fashion week in new york.Photo by karyn d.Collins. Take away the chains and this gown might have been a winner from the she by sheree collection by sheree whitfield of"The real housewives of atlanta.Photo by karyn d.Collins. Whitfield apparently has a thing for chain embellishments.They dangle everywhere, blaring to one and all their dimestore quality. The she by sheree collection by sheree whitfield of"The real housewives of atlanta,"Presented during mercedes-Benz fashion week in new york.Photo by karyn d.Collins. All was not a loss.Whitfield's draped front tops were sell at a discount well done as was an ensemble matching a black skinny pant with a gold and black embellished bustier. Cheap, unfortunately, hovers over this collection at every turn.It's one thing to present a collection of inexpensive clothing.After all, most of america is on a budget and budget lines are in.But the best budget lines present luxury on a budget, luring customers with fabrics that look and feel like their more expensive cousins. Adding insult to injury were slipups on the production end that any good stylist should have addressed.Whitfield's team would do well to invest in a good quality steamer and a selection of spanx for the models for the next go round. Of course, as long as whitfield continues to appear on"The real housewives of atlanta"There will undoubtedly be interest in her line.She would do well by her fans to invest more time and expertise to really give her fans something of quality. Jcp says new aerial saw will keep transmission lines clear and the tiffany sale: lights onsheriff's officer faces 3-5 years in prison for stealing $70 from crime scene.


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